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Why I don’t bake with wheat.

This along with the GMO issue is why I don’t bake with wheat. I don’t make gluten-free baked goods to be gluten-free. I do it because wheat is so horrible for us. We should all eat gluten-free flours because wheat has become poisonous and it is nothing like what it once was.

The reason wheat is toxic


By | March 23rd, 2015|

Here is some great info on GMO’s…

GMO's Whats Hidden In Our FoodHere is some great info on GMO’s and why we MUST only eat NON-GMO food…

news-gmo-bookIn order to make an educated decision about GMOs you need to understand what they are and where they came from, not simply what foods they’re in.

“You may think you know where GMOs are lurking, but think again. Did you know the top 3 fruits in the […]

By | March 23rd, 2015|


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